Jouly Academy Candidate have full access to a worldwide network of authorized testing centers that deliver high stakes exams. Our testing centers are monitored by center Proctors , who are trained to monitor testing sessions with the highest level of attention to detail. Jouly Academy testing centers adhere to a multi-step authentication and validation process, as well as providing professional testing rooms and designated sign-in areas.

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Information technology

Information technology courses provides all main and basic programs dealing with the computer also professional programs like graphic or web programs and all about dealing with the Internet networks as well as the application of use the computer in all fields of life .

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We provides all the of all languages that are dealt with at all of the world to become a student well versed in language which he wants to speak ,write, read and listing

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Human development interested with improve abilities of the individual himself and improving its relationship with members of the community to be converted into personal positively concluded successful so it is resist and expand the options available through a total of important topics up our desired goal.

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success of the persons everything under the administration - moderated by our lives and our goals - moderated by the projects - moderated by individuals - moderated by investments is aware of the wide-scale we can access to success in achieving our goals.

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Accounting is aware of the onetime head and evaluation of financial institutions is that establishes standards which we measure profit and loss thus success or failure, and it is indispensable for its members in all fields. So accounting interference in all fields and small and bigger installations

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The journalism and the media intellectual food in informing the minds of the people by tell them daily events they deal with political, economic and social life and literary it to reveal the facts and affect public opinion and reflect the views of the peoples and thus have a role in its history.

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"Management of health services and hospitals” of disciplines known worldwide, especially in the developed countries spa. Having realized the many states that the problems and issues of the health sector and relevant to the effective and efficient prevention and management and hospitals, can be dealt with through the focus on this area and started many States in giving increasing attention to the specialization of the Department of Health and hospitals with the aim of providing administrative cadres qualified and trained to deal with issues and problems in the health

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Education plays an important role and dangerous in the lives of nations they are a tool in the society in the maintenance of basic assumptions of lifestyles and patterns of different thinking this tool on the formation of his citizens and the detection of their energies and resources are invested a part of the assets of the teaching staff which is a gathering for research theoretical and applied and the processes of education and learning, which deals with a number of branches of knowledge.

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